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Why do I need to have my jewellery valued?


A valuation is much more than a simple list of values. In the unfortunate event of a loss or theft, the detailed description and photograph of the missing item provides you with peace of mind and a sound foundation on which to base a claim to your insurance company. Even items of low value can be included ensuring that appropriate replacements can be supplied.

The schedule also helps provide proof of ownership; very useful if a claim is made against any unspecified items on your policy and, if your items are recovered, you can easily prove you are the rightful owner.

How often should I have my jewellery valued?


Due to the fluctuation in the market and exchange rates we recommend you have your valuation updated every three years. Revaluations on items we have valued before are charged at 25% of the current item fee plus a document fee for the updated report.

Insurers are not duty bound to accept out-of-date or poorly described valuation schedules. Only by submitting an up-to-date schedule will you be in a position to establish a valid and provable claim.

What is an Independent Valuer?


An Independent Jewellery Valuer is a qualified individual whose sole business is to value jewellery, watches and silver. As an Independent Valuation Service, we are not affiliated to, or employed by, any insurance company, retail jeweller or company that may have a vested interest in any value placed on an item.

Why do I have to submit my previous documentation?


We ask to see all previous documents such as previous valuations, certificates and/or receipts if available as these documents may contain pertinent information that we can include in your report. For example; using stated stone weights, often stated on your receipt, is preferable to calculating the weight using known formulae.

Diamond grading reports are prepared after the loose diamond has been independently graded in strict laboratory conditions. Once the diamond has been set there are external factors such as the colour or type of mount, poor lighting etc. which may influence the colour, clarity or measurements of the diamond which in turn may affect the final value. Diamonds accompanied by a respected laboratory grading report carry a premium over non-certificated diamonds so we include these details in the description adding to the provenance of your jewellery.

It may be that we simply do not agree with the information given in a previous valuation. In this case, if we are aware of the previous documentation before we start work, we can explain our findings; differences of opinion may be due to the use of modern high-tech instruments or the calibration of individual measuring instruments etc.

What is involved and why does it cost so much?

Comprehensive and Fair

Appraising and valuing jewellery professionally is not a simple matter; it takes years of training, experience and considerable investment in equipment, reference material and resources to be able to offer an accurate and professional valuation. Being a Fellow of the prestigious National Association of Jewellers Institute of Registered Valuers we are committed to further education and professional development. Keeping up-to-date with new gemstone discoveries, treatments and enhancements requires continued training and expense. This training is essential if we are to provide you with the best service and expertise.

Every item has to be tested, stones measured and weights estimated, hallmarks noted, photographed, the value has to be properly researched which takes time and experience. The time and investment needed to provide a worthwhile and accurate valuation therefore deserves a professional fee. Remember, a cheap valuation is not necessarily the best valuation!